We are really happy to announce that we are planning to release version 1.3.0 very soon and it will bring major changes,  new elements and some code optimizations. Here is a brief description of the changes included for this initial release.











 -new properties added for eliteProgressRadial and eliteProgressRadialCut based on community feedback.

 -general code refactoring.

 -bug fixing.



 -Basic version is now deprecated and will be removed from our website later.

 -From now on Basic and PRO will be packaged together. 1.3.0 includes all of our 33 components for you to use even if you don't own a PRO license so you can have a full taste of it while you decide if you need to upgrade or not.

The only  real   difference is that Basic version has some limitations on customization (Except for the controls previously included in stand-alone Basic dll)  without affecting functionality while PRO version unlocks ALL customization options. More details of this will be provided on website in the next weeks. 


Website documentation rework is currently being done trying to cover all the elements and at the same time, create a better user experience. Now that we are only releasing one single NuGet that contains Basic and PRO from now on, we will be able to create a lot of templates which you will be able to share, download and help us to get better by contributing with your own pull requests.


Thanks for your support!