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eliteKit BASIC

Instructions about the usage of the free eliteKit BASIC

eliteKit Basic Installation & Configuration


The most simple way and free installation of eliteKit BASIC is so short, we can't even find words to explain it more professional as it is.

In order to include eliteKit BASIC, just follow those three steps and that's all. Happy coding!


Topics in this documentation


Downloading the eliteKit BASIC library

Visit the Purchase page on our website and click on the outlined "Download BASIC" button to download the free, basic version of eliteKit.


Including the eliteKit BASIC library into your project

The next easy step is to include the downloaded .DLL library into your VS project solution.

Just add a new reference and select the DLL. Now you're able to use all free eliteKit BASIC elements.

Installation of the SkiaSharp Nuget Library

The eliteKit controls are built with SkiaSharp.
In order to use our controls in your project, you have to manually install the SkiaSharp NuGet library to your project.
Search for in your NuGet browser and install it in all projects of your app.


That's it. Have fun with our BASIC version.


You can ahead now to our awesome documentation and start working with our UI controls.

For any questions or problems, feel free to ask any question related to the eliteKit in our offical Community.

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